Sexuality in the Tantric Sense

In the West, the sexual tantra has become popular together with the sexual liberation. People are looking for a greater dimension in sexuality than what the quick gratification can provide.

A key definition on Tantra is: “Tantra is process based on sex, love and spirituality”.
In other words tantra is bringing process and context into three major areas of a person’s life, namely sex, love and spirituality. Tantra is about becoming wiser on these issues and getting them to work together both inside oneself and in relation to a partner.

If you have a tendency to close your heart to your partner, the work to achieve a more open heart will become part of the Tantric process. Seeing sex and spirituality as two distinct themes in life, one has in tantra the opportunity to work in reconciling them.

It is not always a simple process – at times it is confrontational and it hurts. Tantra is not just about sex. It is a more comprehensive approach to life, which aims to be in the process and accept the challenges that life has to offer. Therefore everyone has the opportunity to work with tantra – even people who are not in a relationship. Tantra can also be brought into all kinds of relationships both short-term and long-term or in the tantric conditions where it primarily is about to meet around sex, energy work and talk. It can provide a framework for family life, where co-operation on practical and about children’s upbringing becomes part of the Tantric process.

It is to bring meditation into the sexuality. It is to experience sexuality expression as a way to explore your own consciousness and our own energy.

It is the experience of being able to make time stand still in the sexual encounter and stepping out of ego limitation.

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