Tantra as Couples Therapy

Do couples want to learn to know one another – even into your inner? Opening up of sexuality in the relationship – without restrictions, without prejudices, without blockages? Getting a new dimension in life and reaching new heights – sexually, emotionally and as a couple?

Couples will reach out to each other in a way they have never experienced before. Couples will feel like a brand new pair, and sexuality will be the source of deep gratification and love that most long for – but few achieve.

A tantra course is a breeze into the world of tantra. With gentleness you will touch your partner and learn to listen to his or her limits, signals and breathing. Language of the heart goes through our hands, and you’re going on a fantastic journey into your bodies inner, find a deeper joy in yourself and open new pages for each other. And of course you will learn both to give and receive tantra massage – one of the finest ways to confirm your relationship.

Tantra’en has its ideas about how to spend your life energies in a constructive and edifying way to increase partly your own life force and part of relationships.

Tantra is associated with learning in relation to growing as people and strengthens each other in the best possible manner. Being in a relationship is probably the most challenging and probably the biggest challenge to take in life. For the interaction will inevitably come in contact with and show sides of themselves that they seem less good about.

Tantra teaches you to grow from the challenges that a relationship provides. Furthermore, there is a catching and positive effect on any children, as they can feel your joy at each other. There will no longer exist “wrong” feelings / thoughts – only new development.

Tantra is the presence, attendance, breathing, flow, energy, love, wisdom, creativity, joy of life – you’re there for yourself and for your boy/girlfriend because there’s something bigger that “binds” you together.

Basically you are unconditionally in your relationship with your boy/girlfriend, which requires honesty, courage and willingness.

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