Tantra Yoga

Is a lot of imagination can appear when you hear the word “tantra yoga”. Is it sexual? Is it some weird hippie things? What is it? You can have a lot of fun ideas such a cliché yoga teacher with dreadlocks passing through a class room and saying things such as “use your chi …”. Meanwhile you are doing very difficult physical positions.

No matter what you associate with the words “tantra yoga”, “tantra yoga” is so much more than you can imagine. Actually tantra doesn’t mean anything directly reated to sexuality but is a form of meditation and inner transformation.

Tantra as a word is seen for the first time in Rigveda – one of the holy Hindu texts and vedic Sanskrit hymns.

Tantra yoga studies the brain and collects all aspects of the human mind and the human life.

Tantra is not a religion or an ism, It is rather a practice that you carry through your life and your yoga practice.

While most meditations and yoga practices are to expand the mind a to reach a higher state of awareness, the most important principle of tantra yoga is to use the holistic approach but also to use sciences, astronomy, astrology, Ayurveda, psychology and sacred geometry to reprogramme our brain and add new awareness and wakefulness to it.

According to tantra a human being is a miniature universe.

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