The Tantric Orgasm

In tantra it is said that man is like fire and the woman is like water. Fire burns easily, but just as easily dies again. Water on the other hand takes time before it gets hot, but it also keeps the heat long. The same goes for the sexual energies.

The tantric orgasm is the way to much more than intense experience in bed. In addition to the health benefits of preserving the sexual energy, the couple gets – with the tantric orgasm – a key to intimacy, intensity and ecstasy. They have a way where they can be equal, as they are both experiencing the ecstasy – and not racing on the orgasm.

On the abstract level the secret of the tantric orgasm is that the man remains conscious in the middle of the intense emotions and thereby retaining control of the energies.
On a more concrete physical level the man can do the following: He can choose to stop his movements, but before the “Point-of-No-Return”. When the intensity is too large, it may be advantageous to remain completely still – until “the storm is over.” Breathing is essential and the key is that a breath retains intensity (e.g. orgasm can be extended) and an exhalation breaks the intensity. The couple can play with the breath depending on the effect they want to achieve.

With some simple methods the couple can extend the love making and experience the ecstasy together. It gives every couple a solid foundation for developing the relationship.

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