What Is Tantra Massage?

A real tantra massage is an expansion of consciousness – sometimes it’s actually an explosion. Tantra massage arouses energy so that it is accompanied by consciousness. The bigger and stronger energy, the greater awareness follows.

It may sound cryptic, but it is the crucial point, a massage is a beautiful experience or a tantric initiation.

One part comes from the masseuse. If the masseuse can step aside and let the universe manifest itself through the hands and heart and through the masseuse knowledge, empathy and own energy, which should be natural high.

The other part comes from the receiver that really needs to receive and desire this initiation and be open to this initiation.

One way to check this is if the experience is being attempted controlled or surrendered to the Universe.

To give might be to receive endlessly. When the recipient opens his heart and shows its beauty and its essence, it will feel like being touched at all levels. Just as the other’s heart touching one’s own heart.

A tantra massage makes you wiser on who you are, if you are not to be what others want you to be, but just be yourself.

Tantra massage is also an initiation into love. Touching is connected with love – from when we are in our mother’s womb surrounded by security, warmth and love. Through life love is a part of the human being – no matter if it is being denied or not. We relate to love and define ourselves from love. If we are lonely or our love is being rejected, we feel less worth and useless and if you have no one to touch, you feel disabled.

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