What Is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual path or a philosophy of life and it can be described as “presence in the moment”.

Tantra originates from the East and is a thousand year old science. Buddhists have used tantra as inspiration and today tantra is in line with Chan Buddhism in China and Zen Buddhism in Japan.

The word “tantra” comes from Sanskrit and is a composition of the word “tan” which means thread, network and the word “tra” which means tool.

Composed Tantra means methods and tools which united have the purpose of obtaining expansion of consciousness and/or creating connections between elements of reality which seem separated and thereby obtain a wider understanding.

Another way of defining tantra is that it is a method to embrace the world with love and clarity through its own honest observation and self-awareness. Tantra is an exploration into your own life and tantra is becoming master of your own life.

Tantra is letting go and liberate yourself from association and thereby loving another person unconditionally without having a reason to love that person. If you have a reason to love another person, you love that person with an association. To love a person without reason, you need compassion, sensuality and feelings in your heart.
Liberating yourself is a way back to “naturalness” and a life characterized with spontaneity when we act from our senses and not controlled by adopted roles, expectations and rules. The more we sense with an open mind the more free our experiences will be.

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